Here’s Where Coffee-lovers Create Delightful Brews.



… is our credo for coffee making. In our roasting manufactory you can see, smell and feel how coffee is processed manually from the raw bean to the exquisitely roasted end product.

In our manufactory tradition prevails. You just have to give the raw coffee beans some time to mellow for our freshly brewed coffee. There is no engineering marvel or chemical acceleration process for discovering a coffees soul. We appreciate our tools – and maybe that’s the reason why the most modern device in our manufactory is the packing machine…


23 Minutes

… at low roasting temperatures. That is how long it takes for our fine blends to obtain their aromatic maturity. Pleasure takes time.

Humanity’s most precious good is time! A factor that also determines our outstanding quality. The composition of our coffee creations is like the way we choose our customers: it has to fulfill the highest requirements.

Higher density:

Up to 19%

… of the raw coffees original weight is lost in our more than 60 year-old drum roaster. Doing this the coffee develops a deep taste and body.

What our coffee loses in weight, it gains by a multiple in taste – including the Viennese charm of our Naber coffee sorts. Do you know them all? We will gladly advise you or make an appointment to savor our coffee directly at your premise.


20-25 Seconds

The time it should take until the perfect cup of Espresso is finished.

First of all the cup should be put bottom down on the heat surface of the espresso machine. When the freshly brewed espresso drips out of the machine it’s only a question of timing and practice to achieve the perfect cup of espresso.

You will realize the difference: Within your customers.


Naber reinvents itself


Naber grows on the market


Friedrich Naber and Georg Naber establish their OTC


The first coffee roaster


Georg Naber opens his first business at Laudongasse 69

There is always room for improvement.

Traditional thinking and a strict quality approach through all phases of manufactoring lead to the best result.


You don’t have to be a barista to surprise yourself and others with delicious variations and creations.

Coffee for enthusiasts.

Hot, aromatic and full of soul – that’s how a kiss can taste,
but also a cup out of our coffee.

Good coffee needs good music.