Naber Kaffee Manufaktur Compliance

Acting responsibly and complying with applicable legal regulations are of great importance to Naber Kaffee as part of the LEIPNIK-LUNDENBURGER INVEST Beteiligungs AG group of companies. These tasks are the responsibility of everyone – the board, the managing directors, executives and employees. In day-to-day work and in relation to third parties, however, not only legal regulations must be observed, but also ethical values ​​to which the group of companies feels obliged.

The principles relating to transparent management, ethical and correct behavior and the handling of information/company property are summarized in a compliance guideline, which is binding for Naber Kaffee as part of the group of companies belonging to LEIPNIK-LUNDENBURGER INVEST Beteiligungs AG. Each individual makes a contribution to the proper flow of business processes and the sustainable continued existence of the company. Local compliance officers and a chief compliance officer from LEIPNIK-LUNDENBURGER INVEST Beteiligungs AG act as contacts to promote the implementation of the compliance guideline in the best possible way.

The common understanding defined in the compliance guideline acts as the basis for successful and professional cooperation both internally and externally.

Our compliance policy includes the following sections:
1. Compliance with Laws
2. Prohibition of Discrimination
3. Fair Competition
4. Granting and accepting improper advantages, gifts and invitations
5. Conflicts of interest, dealing with shareholdings, secondary employment
6. Donations
7. Sponsorship
8. Handling of Company Property and Information