Naber Kaffee
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  • Part 1 of “In search of NABER coffee”

    14. November 2023

    We make coffee to fall in love with, namely our NABER coffee from our Viennese coffee manufactory. That’s why we make it easy for our coffee connoisseurs to love it too, and we supply it to cafés, restaurants and hotels that appreciate something special.

    So where can you find the “taste of the world from Vienna” in Vienna? Quite simply, for example in the beautifully renovated Adlerhof in the seventh district. The Adlerhof is an old Viennese inn that serves classic Viennese inn dishes, cakes and our unique coffee under a new flag with a Viennese vintage atmosphere in the Burggasse. Our pleasure tip: brunch in the Adlerhof conservatory at the weekend is pretty popular right now.

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