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  • To fall in love with: Why Coffee and Valentine’s Day are that suitable

    5. January 2024

    An Arabic proverb says: A good coffee must be as black as the night, as hot as love and as sweet (or bitter) as life.

    Coffee and Valentine’s Day are two things that are firmly anchored in our lives. A lovingly prepared coffee at the right time is a wonderful demonstration of attentive care and is also so easy to serve. We have taken a closer look at why coffee and Valentine’s Day go so well together and how you can “serve” love in cups:

    Caffeine: the pick-me-up for love

    Valentine’s Day is a day when we show our loved ones how much we appreciate them. It’s a day when we put our feelings into words – or gifts – and show our affection in a special way. Coffee and Valentine’s Day are therefore a charming match. Because coffee is a drink that conveys warmth, relaxation and delight.

    When you drink a cup of NABER coffee, you immediately realise why they say we roast coffee to fall in love with. In the morning, at brunch, among colleagues in the office or together on the couch at home in the evening: it’s a friendly way to show someone that you (secretly) love them. An excellent cup of coffee sweetens the day, gives the other person a smile and the feeling that you are appreciated.

    Even though most people just drink coffee, it can also be used as a gift. For example, our NABER gift box with two cups and a selection of the best coffee roasts is a wonderful way to show someone that you think of them and love them. After all, coffee is also a symbol of love and friendship. Just think of its importance in Italy!

    So coffee and Valentine’s Day go together perfectly. A cup of coffee on Valentine’s Day is a gift of love that everyone understands and appreciates. A cup of coffee is a symbol of the warmth and affection we feel for our loved ones. Love can also be drunk hot and on Valentine’s Day, coffee is just the thing to celebrate love.

    The connection between coffee and love 

    Coffee and love? You might think they don’t have much in common, but the connection between them is deeper than you might think. Coffee has a long history of love and well-being, and some believe it is also a symbol of love. It’s a way to please a loved one and make them feel good. Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love, and coffee fits in perfectly. Coffee is often given as a gift to show others that you love them and are there for them. Enjoying a good coffee together can also be a very romantic gesture that fits in with the celebration of Valentine’s Day.

    How to create the perfect cup of coffee for Valentine’s Day

    A few simple steps are all it takes to make a wonderful cup of coffee for Valentine’s Day. Firstly, you should choose the coffee roast that suits the flavour of the person you are giving the gift to (we recommend the pink NABER Kaiser Melange, of course). Depending on the recipient’s favourite coffee, you can prepare it with milk (cold, warm or frothed), use whipped cream for specialities such as a “Einspänner” or add a little chocolate to give more elaborate creations the right sweetness. Adding a small card with a little love note to add a very special touch always goes down well. With a little creativity, you can turn a cup of coffee into a small gift that will simply light up the whole day.

    Tip: an invitation to coffee is also a wonderful reason to get together on Valentine’s Day. So if you’re looking for a way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, grab a coffee and enjoy it together. Who knows how stimulating it will be.

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