Secret tip: Salvatori

This Italian is …

A true Viennese

The Marco Salvatori line promises pure Italian coffee tradition of the highest quality.
An elegant signature product made especially for guests
with a great passion for espresso.

Why should a coffee manufactory like Naber Kaffee with a great knowhow and the experience of coffee making, not be able to create a great espresso? The story has a twist: after a couple of attempts Marco Salvatori and his team of coffee professionals created an espresso of such incredible aroma that we simply had no other choice as to name it after its creator! Give this exceptional coffee a try! Let your guests convince themselves and you have a win win situation for hosts and guests.

Marco Salvatori. That is Italian Espresso: Perfection in every Detail.
From Vienna.

UOur strict commitment to produce only extraordinary coffee has led to our youngest product line: Marco Salvatori. This blend complements our traditional Viennese assortment with an elegant Italian interpretation of the typical espresso. Our high quality standards and the absolute commitment to exclusively deliver premium coffee blends to our — mainly long-term — customers and can be easily explained with the following statement:
We never stop improving.

There is always room for improvement.

Traditional thinking and a strict quality approach at all phases of manufactoring lead to the best results.


You don’t have to be a barista to surprise yourself and others with delicious variations and creations.

Coffee for enthusiasts.

Hot, aromatic and full of soul – that’s how a kiss can taste,
but also a cup of of our coffee.

Good coffee needs good music