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  • Coffee or black tea – two in the eternal battle against fatigue

    5. January 2024

    Coffee and black tea are two of the most popular drinks consumed by people around the world. Both contain caffeine, a stimulant that promotes alertness and concentration. However, there are some differences between the two drinks. For one thing, coffee contains more caffeine than black tea. Secondly, black tea has a lower acidity than coffee and it contains more tannins, which, according to a study, can increase the effect of caffeine.

    The caffeine kick makes all the difference

    Black tea is also absorbed more slowly by the body, meaning that the stimulant takes effect over a longer period of time. Coffee, on the other hand, is absorbed more quickly and the caffeine therefore takes effect more quickly. This means that coffee has a stronger stimulant effect on people and provides the popular caffeine kick that we expect from a strong espresso, for example. 

    Caution for sensitive stomachs

    However, the sometimes higher acidity of coffee can be problematic for some people and lead to stomach problems. People who suffer from stomach problems should therefore prefer black tea or pure Arabica coffee. Our Marco Salvatori roast is the right choice and is available in our online shop as ESE pods or Nespresso-compatible capsules.

    In short, there are both similarities and differences between coffee and black tea. But in the end, it’s best to decide for ourselves which drink we prefer – and coffee from Vienna with a taste of the world is just the thing.

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