What is the difference between filter and espresso coffee?

Espresso coffee is stronger and has a rounder taste. Filter coffee is milder and has a clearer taste.

The production of filter and espresso coffee – a comparison

Filter coffee is usually made in a coffee pot or coffee filter. To do this, hot water is poured over the ground coffee and pressed through the filter. The finished coffee is then served in cups. Espresso coffee, on the other hand, is prepared in an espresso machine. The coffee powder is put into the machine and hot water is poured over it. Due to the high pressure that is created in the machine, the coffee is prepared in less than 30 seconds. The finished cup of espresso coffee usually only contains about 30 ml of coffee.

Tips for preparing at home

Espresso or filter? What is more popular? According to studies, espresso is the most commonly consumed coffee preparation in Austria, Germany and Switzerland, followed by filter coffee. According to this, around 60 percent of connoisseurs drink espresso every day, while only 37 percent prefer filter coffee. So the tide has turned.

The main reason for the popularity of espresso is the variety of preparation options. For example, you can make a double espresso with a little milk and sugar into a cappuccino. Or you can prepare an espresso con panna by adding cream to the coffee. There are so many ways to prepare your very own favorite coffee. Filter coffee, on the other hand, is usually easier to use and therefore more popular with everyone who has neither the time nor the inclination to deal with the preparation of espresso or who wants to have coffee available all the time – for example in the office or workshop. However, filter coffee also has its advantages: it is usually milder in taste and contains less caffeine than espresso.